Right now I lead a Technology Department in charge of software development, applications, help desk, networking, systems and server administration and network security. I love managing and leading technical and creative thinkers. I’ve learned so much from my team and I hope they can say the same thing from me. At my current role, our mission is to┬áMake The Complex Seem Simple

One of my passions is teaching. I’ve been teaching at the college level for more than 15 years now. My course range for Digital Information Design, to Computer Science, to Network security and even some C# and SQL from time to time. My favorite subjects to teach are those involving creative thinking and developing leadership skills.

As a hobby, I host a podcast, A Geek Leader, build iPhone and Android apps, write books, mentor and speak publicly about leadership and motivation. I gave a TEDx Talk on Motivating Creatives at TEDx Hickory.